Certificate in Patisserie


Our Patisserie and Confectionery course is a comprehensive, fast-track and affordable course for students who want to :

  • Learn how to bake and prepare a variety of pastries, cakes and sweets to a professional standard for home use or for their home confectionery business.
  • Looking to start a new career as a pastry chef, learning a trade skill that can gain them employment anywhere.
  • Or for chefs looking to add new elements to their C.V.

 Home & Business

At the end of the course, the student will be fully equipped to create beautiful, professional standard patisserie and confectionery products at home for personal use or for sale in their own home business.

In addition, the school and teachers can use their contacts to help you source and receive discounts on a variety of equipment and supplies for your home use.

Professional Career Path

Students not only learn how to bake pastries, but also fully learn how to work in a professional kitchen.

The practical side of the course will bring students into a professional bakery kitchen where they will practice with and learn how to work industrial confectionery machines such as dough spreaders, industrial ovens, etc.

For those who excel at the course and wish to pursue a career in this industry, we also offer the opportunity to gain invaluable work-experience in a fast paced professional pastry kitchen, in our new store.

Furthermore, those invited on work experience will have the possibility of being offered full-time employment at the end, as we look to take on full-time chefs in our new business.

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